Message from the President

Hello Meri Squares Dancers:

Happy 2021 Meri Squares members!

The year is not starting as we had wished. Everyone was hopeful that, by now, we would have returned to the dance floor. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still raging unchecked and impacting the lives of all of us in so many ways. All dancing remains cancelled until further notice…

Everyone I have spoken to is taking all the necessary precautions, but that means we are home most of the time, not interacting with friends and families as we would like to. And, honestly, getting a bit fed up with the whole thing! But we all need to keep following the latest rules and take whatever precautions we can.

Some of you have taken advantage of our Club Chats on Zoom, but not many of you. If it is a question of technology, we have people that can help you understand how to be part of the Club online events. Just reach out to us. The Chats are a great way to see people and find out what they are up to…because some people are doing virtual choir, continuing reading clubs virtually, using this time to organize photos, doing renovations…. Consider joining us for the next one.

It is unlikely that we will be dancing before September 2021. The vaccine rollout that is key to protecting all of us is still many months away. I can assure you that as soon as dancing in person is possible, we will be on the dance floor ready to go! We will all need John's and Wendy's patience as we reactivate those brain cells that store our memory of square dancing calls! Definitely something to look forward to!"

In the meantime, please consider virtual dancing. Daily dances are posted at and the Club regularly sends out emails with links to dances organized by Wendy and John. Wendy will even work with you virtually so that you are more comfortable with the whole virtual dancing option. Feel free to reach out to her.

The electronic newsletters are now posted on this website under Club Information/Newsletters. We send out an email from Meri Squares with the link when a new one is available. This helps to minimize potential hacking.

All Meri Squares Executive members are here to help. If there is anything we can assist you with, let us know. Please keep us informed if you move or change contact information so our lists are up to date. Feel free to just give us a call if you need someone different to talk to. And if there is something you think the Club should be doing during this downtime, please send us your suggestions!,

Stay well, stay safe and keep in touch.

Lamar Mason