Messages from the President Couple

Harold Hedley and Wendy McCracken

     613-731-6538 or

August 15, 2017

Hello Fellow Dancers of Meri Squares,

Welcome back to our 2017 regular Fall season. We hope you have had an enjoyable summer, with plenty of opportunities to dance at summer classes and/or other venues.

Regular Club activities begin at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 470 Roosevelt Ave., on Tuesday, September 5 (7:30 to 9:30 pm) with dancing for Basic Graduates and Mainstream dancers. The Plus level will start on Thursday, September 7 (7:30 to 9:30 pm). On the two following Tuesdays - September 12 and 19 - we will host two Open Houses for new dancers, who dance for free on those evenings. Why not bring along a friend or two? September 19 will be the last night on which new dancers will be able to start. Check out the Meri Squares 2017 Fall Dance Schedule to help you plan your winter and spring dancing activities.

We encourage you to pay the sessional fee, as this will save you money and help the Club to budget successfully. Plus dancers who pay by the session may also dance, at no additional fee, on Tuesdays as 'angels'.

Sessional Fees for September-December, 2017-$70 per person
Nightly Fees-$ 7 per person
Square Time Subscription for 2018-$10
EOSARDA Membership Dues including
Third Party Liability Insurance-$ 6

Club sessional fees and EOSARDA Membership dues can be paid starting on September 5, and must be completed by the end of September. Square Time magazine will continue to be available on-line at no charge on the EOSARDA website: However, if you wish to receive a paper copy, subscription fees are due in September 2017, but you will not receive your first issue at the Club until January 2018.

All dancers, including those who pay nightly, must pay membership dues for EOSARDA, which includes third party liability insurance; unless you indicate that you have paid at another Club. Please complete the attached Registration Form and identify at which Club you have paid your EOSARDA membership.

Your 2017 Fall Dance Schedule is attached to this letter/email. Any changes will be announced during our regular dance nights. For up to date Club news and for other information, please check our website or Also attached is a note on How to be an Angel to our new dancers.

We are ready to go – all we need is YOU!