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Meri Squares is a modern square dancing club in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


All current dancers welcome. Please see Club Information, Recent Items for details

About us!

From September to April we dance twice a week in the Westminster Presbyterian Church Hall, 470 Roosevelt Avenue. On Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm we dance Basic and Mainstream, and on Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm we dance Plus.

Joining our Square Dance Club you do not need any special skills to dance, nor do you need to bring a partner as sometimes women will dance the other part to make a square. You also do not need special clothes to dance, just comfortable shoes and clothing. Some people like wearing traditional square clothes as they are fun to wear.

Modern Square Dancing has been around for a long time, having evolved from various types of dancing in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and America (It is actually known as "America's Folk Dance").

Done in groups of eight people, it involves cooperation, and understanding of what the other seven dancers are doing, interpreting the calls and immediately dancing the steps. Unlike Traditional Square Dancing or Line Dancing the focus is not on learning a dance – but on mastering individual steps. The Caller then strings these steps together and the dancers react to the call. 

Modern Square Dancing is fast-paced and fun.  Part of the fun comes from not knowing what’s going to happen next! Another part is the music.  Many people are surprised at the variety of music used for square dancing.  "I didn't know you could square dance to that!" is often heard when people are first exposed to Modern Square Dancing.

Square dancing is a great form of fitness! The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada supports dancing as a life-long activity. The side to side movements strengthen the weight-bearing bones and can help prevent or slow the loss of bone mass. Modern Square Dancing also offers good mental exercise! The concentration required helps keep the mind active.

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