Graduation & Wind-Up Dinner Party for Basic, Mainstream & Plus, Apr. 22, 2014

        (Photos by Howard Weatherall)


Ballad of the 2014 Meri Squares Basics:


 Come and listen to our story
'Bout a bunch of friends
found out on a Tuesday night
that they were at loose ends
then someone said you can
dance solo or pairs
so we loaded up the cars and
we went to Meri Squares.  
(Basics that is, Roosevelt Avenue, in the basement)  

Well, the first thing you know
Wendy had us in the back,  
We are glad that patience is
a virtue she don't lack
she taught us how to promenade
to cirle left and right
and we've learned an awful lot
on a Tuesday night
(Box the gnat, Ocean wave, Grand Square).  

Now it's time to say goodbye
to Wendy and Basics.  
We would like to thank you all
for helping us join in.
We will all be back next year
to do some do-si-does
we've been your entertainment and
that's how this ballad goes.
(mainsteam dancers, that's what they call us now)  
(nice folks! ya'll can dance now ya hear?)